Round Cake Base & Clear Dome Lids

Round Black Plastic Cake Boxes



BK601 18DXN30 Round Black Cake Base (210)
BK601-3 18DXN03E Clear Dome Cake Lid (210)
BK603 20DXN30 8″ Black Base Round (210)
BK603-1 20DXNOO Clear Dome Lid 30mm (210)
BK603-2 20DXN02 8″ Clear Dome Lid (210)
BK603-3 20DXN03E 8″ Round Clear Dome Lid (210)
BK604 22DXN30 Black base (180)
BK604-2 22DXN02 Lid (180)
BK604-3 22DXN03 9″ Clear Round Dome Lid (180)

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