Black Ripple Paper Coffee Cups


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Available in a range of sizes from 4oz to 20oz. This cup is available in four different designs, from the natural un-bleached Kraft through to the more contemporary black or white.

The triple-wall ripple cup provides the best heat insulation as the unique design includes a corrugated paper wrap which offers increased hand-comfort, heat insulation and premium brand presentation.

  • Made from high quality food grade paper board.
  • Custom print up to six colours..sales@gaelpac.ie
  • Each cup is printed with specific batch coding so we can easily trace the cup back through the
    manufacturing process.



BV104RWB 4oz Ripple Wall Black Coffee Cup-Case Qty:1000

BV108RWB 8oz Ripple Wall Black Coffee Cup-Case Qty: 500
BV112RWB 12ozĀ  Ripple Wall Black Coffee Cup-Case Qty: 500


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