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Paper Wrapped Bamboo Straw Natural 8/210mm

  • Size:8/210
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For that satisfying experince with your iced coffees,smoothies,cocktails and cold drinks with these elegant 100% natural bamboo straws.Unlike paper straws,bamboo straws will not melt or affect the taste of your drink. Straw Shakey 8/210mm Natural Wrapped gives you the added confidence that the straw you receive is 100% hygeinically clean.

Made in the EU bamboo straws are completely free of plastics,biopplastics & PLA. They are biodegardable and compostable.Unlike paper straws these bamboo straws will remain stable in liquid for up to 24hrs. They do not change their properties and do not ffect the taste of the drink.Temperature resistance :-20°c to + 80°c.

EU straws decompose in 45-90 days in the natural or environment and can be disposed of  as normal. Decomposed straws return to the environment and act as fertilizer in the soil.

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